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Mining equipment maintenance

Akkoy Service is a modern and efficient company providing maintenance services. We install and maintain crushers, conveyors, sifters, feeders, and grinding mills.

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Process industry services

Welding services, machine and device installation, process piping,  preventive maintenance and  on-call maintenance.  

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Steel construction and machinery services

Steel structures, piping, and components manufactured according to the customer’s request and delivered promptly.

Akkoy Service Oy

About us

Akkoy Service is your dependable and effective partner for all industrial maintenance needs.

Our business is based on flexible collaboration with our customers as well as a mutual understanding of the end goal, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory customer experience while minimising potential disruptions to the process. We are based in Kemi, a central location in the Cap of the North Scandinavian region. Our excellent location allows us to respond quickly to customers’ needs.

What we do

We offer installation and maintenance for a wide range of mining and industrial equipment, from the planning process all the way to start-up.

The profit, saving, efficiency, and security we have continuously delivered to our customers have established long-term dependable relationships with our clients, which ensure our continued and further development even into the future.

Steel construction and machine workshop services

We manufacture steel structures, piping and components according to each customer’s requirements, and our finished goods are quickly dispatched and delivered.  Our business is based on our EN1090 certificate, which allows us to manufacture CE-marked EXT2 grade steel structures. We also offer comprehensive planning, surface finishing, cutting, machining,  and welding services.

Occupational safety and health

Occupational safety always takes priority in all our operations, and safe work is a vital aspect of our expertise. Recognising the extremely challenging working conditions of our field, we are continuously developing our personnel safety and occupational health care expertise. Through our proactive and forward-thinking occupational health care, we are recognising and addressing the challenges of the future in advance.

As part of our quality management system, we have audited the occupational health and safety standards of OHSAS 18001:200.


We firmly believe in the immeasurable value and importance of nature,  and therefore the environmental perspective is an integral aspect of our operations. In all our methods and working practices, taking the environment into consideration is always of paramount importance to us. “Problems Solved 24/7”

Always available

Our continuous 24/7  maintenance service ensures service availability every hour of the year. Just give us a phone call and a service car with technicians will immediately be on it’s way!


There are now 30 of us proudly serving you!

Our highly skilled and motivated staff  includes both young workers and those who have made a long term career in our company.  Whatever your mechanical need, we have versatile maintenance mechanics available with the expert skills to handle it.

Our staff have received in-field training,  are skilled in metalworking, and know how to operate all necessary machines.


Our professional maintenance skills are achieved through comprehensive internal training and a wealth of practical experience. We invest in the development of professional skills through both active training and on-the-job learning. Learning at work involves taking part in new jobs by assisting more experienced colleagues, as well as participating in the company’s internal training.

Managing Director

Arto Koivumaa
tel. +35810 235 1181

Maintenance Manager

Marko Pienimäki
Tel. +35810 235 1182
mob. +35840 743 6288

Vice President

Elina Pienimäki
Tel. +35810 235 1186
mob. +35850 544 0926

Executive Assistant

Hanna Laakkonen
Tel. 010 235 1188
mob. 050 390 8430

Project Manager

Jussi Keränen
Tel. +35810 235 1183
mob. +35845 261 4554

Personnel Manager

Tuula Huttunen Koivumaa
Tel. +35810 235 1185

Works Supervisor

Mikko Rahko
Tel. +35810 235 1184
mob. +35850 400 2737

Leverage from the EU!

We are developing our operations, the project has received a grant from the Northern Ostrobothnia ELY Center / European Regional Development Fund. The goal is to improve the company’s productivity, competitiveness and develop workspaces and equipment to meet today’s needs.

Through development, we want to strengthen our competitiveness, the ability to respond agilely to the changing needs of our customers and strengthen the competence and well-being of our personnel. One of the cornerstones of the project is to ensure safer and well-being-friendly work spaces for our staff.

Akkoy Service Oy: Your dependable maintenance partner